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  • Jaron Ghani

    Jaron Ghani

    Technical director/founder at @numiko

  • Kelly McGilvery

    Kelly McGilvery

    culture hustler. toledo booster. community builder.

  • Jake McCarthy Mansbridge

    Jake McCarthy Mansbridge

  • Kammy


  • Bernardo Winitskowski

    Bernardo Winitskowski

    Founder and Creative director at ESTUDIO CRU [www.estudiocru.com]

  • Arvin Dang

    Arvin Dang

    Interaction Designer working in Chicago.

  • Daniel Gysel

    Daniel Gysel

    Daniel Gysel lives in Tampa, FL and works in web development as the CEO & Creative Director at DANG Designs. Learn more http://danielgysel.net/

  • Brendan Dawes

    Brendan Dawes

    I no longer post on Medium. I prefer to put content on my own site, which I control. Please visit brendandawes.com

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